The Friends of Tenerife is a registered charity. It was founded in the early 1990s by UK ex-pats to raise money to help the desperately needy of our adopted island, Tenerife.

Over the years our members have raised many thousands of euros through meals, events and excursions to distribute to a number of local charities, including the following:-

  • APANATE Facebook
    (day centre for autistic children)
  • Centro Matilde Tellez
    (residential centre caring for children from troubled homes)
  • CREVO Facebook
    (day centre for children with multiple deficiencies)
  • Cruz Roja Facebook
    (care for the homeless and needy)
  • Hermanos Franciscanos de Cruz Blanco Website
    (residential home for men)
  • Hospital Inmaculada Facebook
    (residential home for elderly ladies)
  • Hogar Santa Rita Facebook
    (residential centre for the elderly, and Alzheimer’s research centre)

Registered in Spain as Amigos de Tenerife
Charity number G 38367892