Association Friends of Tenerife is a registered charity., founded over 25 years ago by a few UK residents on the island to raise money for local charities in the La Orotava/Puerto de la Cruz region of Tenerife.

Our aim is to give something back to the island we have made our home, and all of our members from many different countries enjoy various social events together in order to raise money for local causes.

We hold coffee mornings, raffles, lunches as well as excursions to places of local interest and some members enjoy participating in local cultural events. As a result of the great generosity of Friends of Tenerife members, we are proud to say that we have been able to donate considerable amounts to local charities.

The Association was founded in 1993, by British residents to help raise money for local causes.

The charities that we support include the following:

  • APANATE. Centre for autistic children in La Orotava. Our donations are used to pay for therapists.
  • RED CROSS – PUERTO DE LA CRUZ. All our donations go towards the food bank, and other necessities for people in need.
  • CREVO. Rehabilitation centre for children with cerebral defects, in La Orotava.
  • HERMANOS FRANCISCANOS DE LA CRUZ BLANCA. PUERTO DE LA CRUZ. The Franciscan brothers provide homes for vulnerable and elderly men. Our donations are used to buy hygiene products for the residents.
  • CASA DE ACOGIDA MADRE DEL REDENTOR. EL SAUZAL. This is a residence for the elderly and especially those with low economic resources. 
  • HERMANAS DE LA CRUZ. LA OROTAVA. An order of catholic sisters whose mission it is, to help vulnerable people locally. Our donations go towards the purchase of necessary items, so the sisters can help and care for people in their own homes.
  • VISION AZUL. PUERTO DE LA CRUZ. This is run by families with autistic children. Our donations go towards essential therapy for the children.
  • FUNDACION CANARIA, JOSE LUIS MONTESINOS. Our donations buy food for their food bank.

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Registered in Spain as Asociacion Friends of Tenerife
Charity number G 38367892